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Welcome to Northwest Iowa Soccer Club

Fall 2014 Rec Soccer Update

2014 Fall Rec Soccer is Under Way

The first games are coming up on Sept 6th.  Schedules have been sent to the coaches for the U6-U10 age groups and will be posted on the website soon.  U12 & U14 schedules are still a work in progress and will be posted soon. 

Jerseys are in the works (being imprinted) and will be handed out by your coach later this week (Sept 4th or 5th) when they become available. 

Wednesday and Thursday are work nights at the soccer complex (mowing, weed eating, moving and staking goals).  Contact Tracy Small at tracysmall@smunet.net or 712-240-4264 to volunteer for one 1.5hr shift.  That's it...one and done.

Dates to Remember:

  • Sept 6th - First soccer games
  • Oct 11-12th - Galaxy Cup Soccer Tournament (no rec games)
  • Oct 18th - Last rec soccer games

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events found.

Letter from the NWISC President

~~To all NWISC Supporters, Participants, and On-lookers,

In case you didn’t notice when are at the soccer complex…it is a little windy!  I know you find that very hard to believe but it seems to be windy at the fields all the time.

On any given Saturday, soccer supporters over hear conversations about how windy it is and how nice it would be to have lots of trees planted to help break the wind.  It was stated that why can’t the city plant some trees.  The supporter stated that the city didn’t have anything to do with the soccer complex and these people had no idea…which led me to send create this letter.

NWISC is a non-profit organization totally run by volunteers.  We lease the north side of the drainage ditch from the Spencer Schools and we own the south side of the drainage ditch.  There have been several volunteers that have not only put in thousands of hours but also personally signed the mortgage to purchase the land, lights, bleachers, sprinkler system, etc to make the complex what it is today.  If we didn’t have dedicated volunteers to run our organization, take care of the fields, take personal financial risk, etc we would not have the soccer program we have today.  A heart-felt THANK YOU goes out to each and every one of them.

Just to give you an idea…it costs about $50,000 just to maintain our complex every year.  We generate about $19,000 in recreation soccer fees (what you pay for your kids to play).  I believe we have the lowest recreation soccer fees in the state for clubs who do not have a city supported facility.  So the sponsors you see on the back of your kids jerseys… THANK THEM!  For Famers Bank and Community Bank, two main facility sponsors, whose sign you see at the front of the complex… THANK THEM!  For the volunteers and coaches…THANK THEM!  Without the generous support from our community this complex would not be possible.  We get complaints about the cost of rec soccer…you will see that the fee you pay covers less than 40% of what it costs to run the complex.  The best way to keep the costs down are to volunteer your time and to do business locally with the sponsoring organizations!

Hopefully this will lift the “fog” on soccer complex.  If you have questions or would like to know how to help, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

Scott Simpson
NWISC President


Wartburg College Soccer Camp Opportunities

Spring Recruit ID Camp (http://www.wartburgsoccer.com/spring-soccer-camp.cfm) - May 3rd with an optional school visit on May 2nd. They will watch our players train on Friday night, then get to train exclusively with our coaching staff on May 3rd. We have limited this camp to 32 campers so we can give individual attention to everyone at the camp.

Premier ID Camp (
http://www.wartburgsoccer.com/wartburg-premier-id-camp-men.cfm) – August 2nd-3rd – This is our overnight camp where the players will be to train with current Wartburg players, stay the night in the dorms, and train in some of the best facilities in NCAA Division 3.


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